M. Algayer

Although there were no dentists in his family, Markus Algayer’s career aspirations were apparent early on. When sitting in the dental chair as a child, he was already confident in his surroundings and fascinated by it all. In 2011, he began his dental studies at Brazil’s renowned Universidade Paulista. Over the course of his studies, he completed several placements and voluntary services and published scientific articles in international journals. He received a scholarship from the Brazilian government in 2013 and, as part of an exchange programme, was able to study and gain international experience over two years at the University of Manitoba in Canada. In 2017, he completed his studies in Brazil and started working as a dentist. He was able to expand his expertise in general dentistry at various dental practices. He gives top priority to providing comprehensive and transparent information to his patients and making sure they’re satisfied. 


  • Studied dentistry at the Universidade Paulista in Brazil

  • Exchange programme at the University of Manitoba in Canada

  • Placement at the Universidade Paulista’s university hospital to provide acute dental care and tend to patients with infectious diseases and dental trauma

  • Publications of scientific articles in international journals

  • Works as a dentist at various practices

Dentist Germany

Seeing the whole human being.

"It is important to see the person as a whole for a treatment to be successful. Teeth are connected to the whole organism via the bloodstream and thus have a strong influence on the patient’s well-being and general health"
– Dr. M. Marques Hager