C. Atmanspacher

As a dentist, realising high-quality treatment plans which can be implemented in practice in an optimum manner with satisfactory results for the patients.
This was the professional goal with which dentist Carolina Atmanspacher entered the field of general dentistry after completing her degree at the renowned Universidade Paulista in Brazil in 2015.

In Brazil, she had the opportunity to assist many well-trained specialist doctors in various practices, obtain valuable experience and gain more in-depth subject knowledge in the field of oral surgery.
She perfected these skills during her specialisation in oral surgery, which she completed in 2018.
She then added to her knowledge with a two-year placement at Vila Penteado hospital and Santa Casa de Misericorida hospital in Sao Paulo.

Aiming to continue her development, Carolina Atmanspacher completed additional further education in the field of root canal treatment.
She has made a name for herself in this field since finishing her studies by being invited to support the students at Paulista university hospital as a tutor.


  • Studied dentistry at Universidade Paulista in Brazil

  • Further education in oral surgery at Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil

  • Specialisation in oral surgery at Universidade de Sao Paulo in Brazil

  • Scholarship at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico

  • Placement at Universidade Paulista university hospital to treat patients with infections, dental trauma and provide acute dental care

Seeing the whole human being.

"It is important to see the person as a whole for a treatment to be successful. Teeth are connected to the whole organism via the bloodstream and thus have a strong influence on the patient’s well-being and general health"
– Dr. M. Marques Hager


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