Dr. L. Kochsiek

During her early childhood Dr. Lilly Kochsiek experienced various orthodontic treatments due to not existing or too small incisors. Fortunately, she experienced a treatment with great sensitivity and a high level of professional competence, leading to that her passionate dentist is still her role model today. She was especially delighted with the newly acquired sense of well-being in dealing with other persons - liberated laughter and speaking in a completely relaxed manner was suddenly possible again. Inspired by this time, she chose the profession of a dentist and is still very happy with her choice today. Empathy, working with high precision and dedication to detail have become her guiding principles. After completing her research in the field of orthopaedic therapy at the medical university of Hannover and the Helios ENDO-Klinik in Hamburg, she is now, after finishing her orthodontic work in Switzerland, devoting herself again to the actual dental treatment of patients - full of enthusiasm for this medically and technically demanding work. 


  • Study of dentistry at the university of Hamburg

  • Research and doctorate in endoprosthetics at the Helios ENDO-Klinik Hamburg and the Hannover Medical School

  • Work as a dentist in the field of orthodontics in Switzerland

  • Work as a dentist at Clinius specialized in prosthetics, oral surgery and aesthetic reconstructions in the front tooth region

Dr. L. Kochsiek

Seeing the whole human being.

"It is important to see the person as a whole for a treatment to be successful. Teeth are connected to the whole organism via the bloodstream and thus have a strong influence on the patient’s well-being and general health"
– Dr. M. Marques Hager