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Dental hygiene team
Dental hygiene and gum treatments

The dental hygiene team helps to prevent dental diseases before they emerge by offering professional dental cleaning with efficient cleaning methods.


But teeth should not only be healthy, they should also look beautiful. Clean and bright teeth help us to look well and are part of a well-groomed appearance.


The dental hygiene team makes a special contribution to combating diseases of the periodontium and gums (periodontitis) through special in-depth cleaning techniques. The result is not only beautiful and clean teeth but also healthy and intact gums. Even following tooth restoration, dental hygiene is vital to the longevity of restored teeth, ensuring that complex dental reconstructions prove to be long-lasting.


The dental hygiene team looks forward to seeing you.

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Prevention through dental hygiene.

“Regular professional dental hygiene is the cornerstone of oral health along with a high-quality domestic dental care regime. We are happy to help you with technology and selecting the right equipment.”
Your dental hygiene team

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