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Focal infections and organic dentistry

Nowadays, the body is exposed to a variety of influences - like microorganisms, environmental toxins and other harmful noxious substances. Organic dentistry is dealing, among other areas, with focal diseases, by considering the effect of local diseases on the whole organism.



There are various reasons for focal infections. They occur mainly due to rootless teeth, periodontal infections (periodontitis) or other chronic diseases in the dental, oral or  jaw area.In addition, metals and environmental toxins can also cause potential secondary diseases in other areas of the body.


The long-term effects of such pathological processes including  the spread of germs or toxins are known as focal diseases. These chronic influences can possibly lead to serious infections. For example, a transmitted infections potentially leading to a brain abscess or an endocarditis (inflammation of the inner wall of the heart) can have its origin in the dental area.  Scientific studies have proven the pathogens typical for oral inflammations (e.g. Streptococcus viridans) and indicate a hematogenic spread via the blood system (bacteremia). 

These interconnections were also proven for:


  • Vascular diseases (= atherosclerotic infarcts)

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Skin diseases (=Alopecia areata, erythema nodosum, psoriasis vulgaris and atrophatica)

  • Infection of artificial prostheses (artificial joints) with serious infections due to the spread of germs, especially streptococci and staphylococci

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory tract infections

  • Toxic shock syndrome

  • Premature birth/delivery

In addition to these kinds of infectious causes, exposure to toxins (amalgam, mercury, ...) and foreign bodies (root filling materials) are essential factors. 


In a holistic/comprehensive approach, the task of biological dentistry is to diagnose the overall effects of harmful toxins and germ contaminations and then treat them with suitable procedures.

How we are helping:

A precise and focused search as well as as the  localization of the cause for the infections or possible foreign bodies is usually carried out by using modern image techniques (DVT, CT). In many cases, patients transfer to us  after being referred by specialized doctors (general practitioners, cardiologists, complementary doctors) for further clarification, diagnostics and dental/jaw surgery hearth rehabilitation. Normally a detailed anamnesis interview is then followed by a comprehensive clinical dental/mouth/jaw and face examination. If necessary, further examinations (3D-CT/DVT, laboratory tests, etc.) will be carried out. 

This is followed by a detailed therapy discussion and, in the case of a focal diagnosis, an explanation of therapeutic options and alternatives.


Whether this is a focal rehabilitation by removal of root-dead teeth, removal of NICOs, removal of amalgam or removal of foreign bodies from the jaws, we will help you by using the most modern therapy methods and the necessary safety precautions (rubber dam, antibiotic prophylaxis, 3D surgery planning, ...) for a fast recovery.


Methods of holistic and biological dentistry at CLINIUS:

  • Amalgam removal under special safety regulations

  • Operation of the jaw osteitis (NICO)

  • Focal rehabilitation and removal of root-dead teeth

  • Operative removal of foreign bodies (root filling materials, metals)

  • Toxicological studies and incompatibility studies

  • Metal-free full ceramic dental prosthesis made of biocompatible ceramics

  • Metal-free ceramic dental implants and bone augmentation from biocompatible calcium preparations

  • Supporting vitamins therapies, Detox infusions


Detailed initial examination

This gives an exact diagnosis and a description of possible dental diseases in terms you can understand.

Comprehensive consultation

Necessary treatments and their alternatives will be discussed, taking as much time as needed.

Financial certainty

You are always informed before costs are incurred. As a rule, a cost estimate will be prepared free of charge and contains a fixed and binding schedule of all expected costs.

Dentistry from a single source

Our team will be with you every step of the way, even for complex treatments and dental restorations. You can have complete trust in their expertise.

High-tech and up-to-date materials

Digital X-rays, 3D jaw imaging and computer-controlled and manufactured dental prostheses made of modern biocompatible ceramics.

Long-term dental hygiene

All of our treatments are designed for longevity and long-term dental health.

Safety through experience

Our team’s extensive experience offers you a high level of treatment safety, especially in complex renovations and reconstructions.

Aftercare and guarantee

We offer an aftercare programme in which you can participate to ensure long-term treatment success. This includes our long-term dental prosthesis guarantee.

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