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Examination & consultation

Anyone whose dental health has suffered knows that this not only means pain, but can also severely impact quality of life in the case of damaged or lost teeth. In order to ensure the best, most long-lasting teeth restoration, a careful examination and diagnosis is particularly important.

First we get an accurate picture of you as a patient. Some people have pre-existing conditions that can also have a significant influence on dental health, which is why we kindly ask that you be very precise in your answers to our medical history questionnaire. We will then ask you about your current problems or concerns.


We want to find out what is particularly important to your dental health and where we can help you best. This is followed by a thorough examination of your mouth, jaws and teeth. Each tooth, one by one, is inspected, measured, tapped and, if necessary, further tests are carried out. We then record the findings in our system. In the majority of cases it is useful to take an x-ray of your teeth and jaws afterwards.

In this way, we can also examine areas that cannot be seen from the outside with the naked eye. Further examinations may follow, depending on the findings. Afterwards we will discuss in detail with you the various options, therapies and routes available to determine the best way back to full dental health. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the possible procedures and what alternatives are available. We also give you a transparent explanation of the likely costs. The quote that we provide as a result is a precise cost estimate, which we commit to adhering to. You then decide in the comfort of your own home, and without obligation, what your preferences are and whether and when a possible treatment should begin – and then all you need to do is call to make your first treatment appointment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at any point.

Clinius Examintion & Consultation

Examination and information briefing

Initial examination and consultation

As before any treatment, including implantation, a detailed consultation takes place. First of all, we take a lot of time to build up a precise picture of the conditions in your mouth, your lifestyle and your state of health. In doing so, we take your personal wishes and options into special consideration.


Taking images and X-rays

After the initial consultation with the dentist, in which we were able to get an impression of you and your dental health, we will take images of your teeth and mouth area for further diagnosis. If there are reasons which call for an X-ray, we will also take these images. The aim is to verify any abnormalities found on the basis of the instrument-based diagnostics (X-rays, further tests). 

Discussing the findings

After getting to know you as a patient and determining your state of health and unique dental findings, we will discuss the possible diagnoses with you. Should you have a diagnosis which needs treatment, we are able to make a treatment plan for you in this same appointment. We inform you of the ailments or any existing tooth, mouth or jaw damage, help to place them in the context of your general health and point out possible therapy methods which could contribute to the healing process. We offer the entire spectrum of modern dentistry and determine what is possible and sensible for you. Our extensive experience, together with the possibilities of modern diagnostics, ensures the best possible pre-planning of the respective intervention. Digital x-rays and computer tomography in our own clinic provide a precise picture of the state of the jaw and form the most important basis for such treatment planning.

Calculation of the exact costs and treatment plan

We compile a clear and comprehensive plan for you to give you certainty and exact information. The exact costs are calculated and broken down in the cost plan. The necessary treatment steps and appointments are listed. We can also provide you with your images and X-rays, so that– if you wish – you can obtain a second opinion before you make your final decision. A good decision takes time and trust. We can help you with this and would be happy to assist you after the discussion too.

Possible symptoms and treatments

Zahnschmerzen Rheinfelden
Tooth decay and toothache

Toothache can have many causes. Usually it is due to acidic oral bacteria that have created a hole over the years – often between the teeth. If this goes deep enough, it causes pain. It does not always cause pain, however, and can also lead to the complete necrosis of the teeth. As a rule, the damaged area is then removed at the dentist’s using a drill and sealed up again with a solid material. In rare cases, the tooth is so severely damaged that a deeper filling – known as a root filling – is necessary, or the tooth may even have to be removed.

Zahnfleischentzündung Zahnarzt Rheinfelde

If the areas around the teeth are inhabited by harmful bacteria over a long time, this can lead to unwelcome consequences, such as infection and subsequent gingivitis, known as periodontitis. This disease usually progresses painlessly and gradually (chronically) and ultimately the teeth can become so loose that they are lost. This is entirely preventable – provided it is recognised and treated in time.

Damaged teeth and tooth loss

Tooth extraction may be necessary with heavily damaged teeth or after severe gum inflammation. If teeth have been removed or have fallen out on their own, they need to be restored, otherwise the remaining teeth and jaw joints may get overloaded. Very few people can do without strong and healthy teeth, which affect speech, chewing and general quality of life. Modern dentistry can help you here.

Zahnverschönerung Rheinfelden
Unsightly and discoloured teeth

Unsightly, discoloured, crooked teeth covered with deposits are not only socially awkward but can also have a negative impact on health. Hard plaque is a direct barrier to effective oral hygiene, thus promoting the development of gingivitis and tooth decay. Professional dental hygiene in particular can help here. When this is not enough, the shape and appearance of the teeth can be improved according to your wishes using modern aesthetic dentistry techniques.

Other symptoms and treatments

Many other diseases and problems can develop in the teeth, mouth and jaw area. It is important for us that we learn together with you the exact course of events leading up to the problems, the nature of the pain, and the duration and type of health problems you are experiencing. We can only arrive at the right diagnosis and successful therapy together with you following a detailed examination and a comprehensive dental consultation. That is why we do not usually carry out any treatments at the first appointment, but instead use the first session to diagnose, plan and answer your questions. Please make an appointment for an initial examination, without obligation.

Dentist Consultation


Detailed initial examination

This gives an exact diagnosis and a description of possible dental diseases in terms you can understand.

Comprehensive consultation

Necessary treatments and their alternatives will be discussed, taking as much time as needed.

Financial certainty

You are always informed before costs are incurred. As a rule, a cost estimate will be prepared free of charge and contains a fixed and binding schedule of all expected costs.

Dentistry from a single source

Our team will be with you every step of the way, even for complex treatments and dental restorations. You can have complete trust in their expertise.

High-tech and up-to-date materials

Digital X-rays, 3D jaw imaging and computer-controlled and manufactured dental prostheses made of modern biocompatible ceramics.

Long-term dental hygiene

All of our treatments are designed for longevity and long-term dental health.

Safety through experience

Our team’s extensive experience offers you a high level of treatment safety, especially in complex renovations and reconstructions.

Aftercare and guarantee

We offer an aftercare programme in which you can participate to ensure long-term treatment success. This includes our long-term dental prosthesis guarantee.

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