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Metal-free dentistry

Metal-free materials in dentistry today consist of highly stable and well-tolerated ceramics. We use the latest computer technology to produce inlays, crowns and bridges from this ceramic and completely eliminate the use of metal. Even dental implants can be made from these cutting-edge materials.

Zirconium oxide ceramics – sturdy, beautiful and healthy


In contrast to ceramics used in the past, modern hard dental ceramics made of zirconium oxide are – as well as being the most biocompatible – extremely sturdy and durable. Their white colour means they offer tremendous advantages – especially in their aesthetic look – over dark metals when used as the basic framework for dental prostheses. 


A natural tooth is transparent throughout. Dentures should also have this transparency so that they look natural. However, this transparency is impeded if the crown substructure is made of metal, as is often still the case. The crown stands out. This negative effect can be avoided by using modern zirconium oxide ceramics, which are translucent like real teeth.

The dark metal edges that appear after some time with metal-supported bridges are also a thing of the past, because everything is white when zirconium oxide ceramics are used. This ceramic is therefore particularly beneficial in the aesthetically challenging anterior incisor area.

Good tolerance

It is not just the aesthetics that are important here, however. This material also gives better compatibility for the gums and the bone, for example when using dental implants. In contrast to metal, ceramic does not corrode and its extremely smooth surface is particularly unwelcoming to bacteria. The gums are always smooth and free of inflammation, even at the edge of the denture. Allergy sufferers also see the benefits of using ceramics because, unlike with metals, there are no known allergies or intolerances.

Metallfreie Zahnmedizin Basel

Transillumination (UV light): High transparency of the zirconium oxide ceramic compared to a dark crown with a metal substructure.


Case studies

hochwertiger Zahnersatz
Metal-free ceramic tooth replacement

If teeth have been lost, they should be replaced to allow you to chew firmly and laugh freely again. In the case of dental bridges, the adjacent teeth are prepared to anchor the bridge. They are filed and impressions are taken for this. The resulting profile of the patient’s teeth is now measured by a digital 3D scanner. Then this data is used to construct the dental prosthesis using a CAD/CAM method by computer and the cast is milled from a white ceramic block with the aid of a computer-controlled milling machine. The dental technician then matches the prosthesis to the patient’s own individual tooth shade and shape by adding another special ceramic layer. In this way, this modern ceramic achieves aesthetics that have previously been unattainable – white through and through.

Metal-free ceramic dental implants

Today’s ceramic implants consist of special zirconium oxide ceramic. In contrast to previously used ceramics, this is extremely resistant to breakage and also biologically well tolerated. Ceramic implants come very close in appearance to natural teeth due to their white colour. This aesthetic advantage is particularly important when used in the visible region (anterior teeth). This is especially so when the covering gums there are very thin. Ceramics have good gum compatibility which is a particular advantage here. The smooth surface prevents bacteria from attaching and the edge area remains healthy and free of inflammation.

Zahnfüllung Basel Zahnarzt
Metal-free ceramic fillings (inlays)

If a tooth is partially destroyed by tooth decay or an old filling has to be removed, a tooth-coloured ceramic inlay can be used. These are inlays made of a special ceramic which are used to replace the defective part of the tooth. First of all, the tooth has to be prepared. The old filling or the area of the tooth destroyed by tooth decay is removed. The defective area is now prepared and an impression is made using a special camera. The computer calculates a three-dimensional image from the data obtained, and this is used to construct and mill the inlay from sturdy ceramic in an authentic tooth-like colour. The dentist finally inserts the filling, then bonds it firmly to the tooth and makes the final finishing touches. It is then practically impossible to distinguish it from the natural tooth.

Manufacture of ceramic dentures by dental technicians

The computer initially mills the basic framework of the dental prosthesis (e.g. crowns/bridges), then the dental technician individually precision-finishes it by hand. A specially developed surface ceramic is applied layer by layer to the zirconium oxide base body. This allows you to achieve aesthetic results that are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. Tooth colour, shape and transparency are adapted exactly to suit the patient. Every one of our patents’ dental prostheses is manufactured by our dental technicians following these quality standards.


Detailed initial examination

This gives an exact diagnosis and a description of possible dental diseases in terms you can understand.

Comprehensive consultation

Necessary treatments and their alternatives will be discussed, taking as much time as needed.

Financial certainty

You are always informed before costs are incurred. As a rule, a cost estimate will be prepared free of charge and contains a fixed and binding schedule of all expected costs.

Dentistry from a single source

Our team will be with you every step of the way, even for complex treatments and dental restorations. You can have complete trust in their expertise.

High-tech and up-to-date materials

Digital X-rays, 3D jaw imaging and computer-controlled and manufactured dental prostheses made of modern biocompatible ceramics.

Long-term dental hygiene

All of our treatments are designed for longevity and long-term dental health.

Safety through experience

Our team’s extensive experience offers you a high level of treatment safety, especially in complex renovations and reconstructions.

Aftercare and guarantee

We offer an aftercare programme in which you can participate to ensure long-term treatment success. This includes our long-term dental prosthesis guarantee.

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