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Beautiful Teeth

White, smooth, regular, flawless - these are the teeth that most people dream of. This has been made possible today through the modern capabilities of so-called cosmetic dentistry. In the following, we will go through two of the most common methods of treatment in detail.

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Cosmetic improvemet

1. Cosmetic improvement of the front teeth with ceramic overlays (veneers)

If you are not happy with your front teeth, we can give them back their perfect, flawless appearance by using so-called veneers. Veneers can be compared to false fingernails - but they are incredibly more robust and laborious in production. They are manufactured individually in our dental laboratory using a high-strength, special multi-layer ceramic. 

Veneers provide a very good solution for slight misalignments, discolouration or frequently repaired and discoloured teeth. The result often surpasses the original beauty of the teeth. It is therefore no surprise that this treatment is a favourite amongst those, who due to the focus of public attention, rely on having flawless, perfect teeth.

Ceramic inlays

2. Replacement of all fillings or repair of damaged teeth with ceramic inlays (Cerec)

If a tooth is partially destroyed by tooth decay or if an old filling (e.g. amalgam) has to be removed, a tooth-coloured ceramic inlay can be inserted in its place. These are much more robust and durable in comparison to the usual fillings (amalgam, plastic). Alongside the aesthetic advantages, a good marginal seal between the tooth and restoration is the decisive point in the long run.

These ceramic inlays often last many decades and are therefore more cost effective over a long period of time than the conventional fillings, despite the initially high cost of manufacture. Ceramic is also much more tolerable healthwise than amalgam or the allergy-prone plastics. Ceramic can therefore normally be safely used for patients with allergies or pre-existing conditions.

Treatment Procedure

1. Initial examination and consultation

As with any treatment, and especially when it concerns cosmetic treatment, detailed consultation needs to take place beforehand. We will spend a lot of time with you, trying to get an exact picture of the current condition of your teeth, gums and jaw bones and of your exact wishes. This is followed by joint treatment planning. Our extensive experience, together with modern diagnostic imaging, ensures the best possible pre-planning of the chosen cosmetic dental treatment. As well as x-rays, high-quality photographic images of your teeth usually form the basis for planning.

2. Treating and forming the teeth

To enhance unaesthetic teeth in shape and colour, it is usually first necessary to reduce their size and form. This process is carried out using gentle, water-cooled, fine filing instruments. Thorough testing to ensure complete anaesthetisation means that this treatment is totally pain-free. This step in the treatment is complete when all necessary reductions have been made and any old fillings or damaged areas of the teeth have been removed. The current form of the teeth is then recorded by making a dental imprint and this information is sent to the laboratory. Here your personal, individually crafted ceramic components (veneer or Cerec inlay) are produced.

3. Fitting the new ceramic surfaces

After 3-7 days, the hand-crafted ceramic components will be ready and they will have been sent to us from the laboratory ready to be fitted. These components (veneer or Cerec inlay) are glued on to your pre-treated teeth using special adhesive. This bond stays secure for many years and has been especially developed for this purpose. Once more your teeth are beautiful, robust, durable and ready to handle the stress of day to day use. Laughing freely, kissing, eating and going out - all this is once again possible without hesitation, with your new, beautiful and healthy teeth.

4. Aftercare

Aftercare is necessary to safeguard the lifelong quality of your new, beautiful teeth. Teeth that are no longer in their natural state require especially good care. Regular visits to the dentist for professional dental hygiene are important here to help you keep the areas that you cannot reach at home properly clean. Simultaneous check-ups mean that any damage that may occur over the years is promptly discovered and treated in time.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Inlays Basel
Replacement fillings and restoration with ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays are used to repair damaged teeth (e.g. caries damage). Old fillings (plastic, amalgam) can be removed and replaced by the modern, biologically compatible ceramics. They are more durable and cost-effective in the long run.

Veneers  Zahnarzt Rheinfelden
Ceramic veneer overlays

Veneers are extremely thin, highly stable ceramic overlays that are glued onto a pre-treated tooth. This innovative cosmetic dental technique requires that the tooth surface is only lightly filed, removing any discoloration or damaged areas. In step two of the treatment, the finished veneer is fitted. In this way, teeth can be optimally crafted in form, color and appearance to complement your face in a harmonious and attractive fashion.

Zahnbleaching Basel
Bleaching - whitening

White, beautiful teeth are paramount for a well-groomed appearance. This is the reason why many people wish to whiten their teeth. Proficient and even professional dental cleaning does not always suffice in achieving the desired effect. Special bleaching agents can be used to alter the colour molecules in the teeth, making them appear ‘white’ to the human eye. 

Robust hard-ceramics as materials for inlays and veneers

To enable the thin ceramic overlays (veneers) and ceramic inlays (Cerec) to cope with the stress of daily life, we manufacture their ceramic substructure out of an industrially prefabricated and highly robust, hard-ceramic core, milled using so-called CAD/CAM computer aided and controlled techniques. Subsequent to this, our dental technicians will apply the individually crafted, aesthetic, externally visible ceramic surface by hand. Both ceramic components are translucent, making the junction of veneer and tooth - even in the long term - invisible. The restored tooth is completely natural in appearance and looks magnificent in its exceptional aesthetic design.

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Detailed initial examination

This gives an exact diagnosis and a description of possible dental diseases in terms you can understand.

Comprehensive consultation

Necessary treatments and their alternatives will be discussed, taking as much time as needed.

Financial certainty

You are always informed before costs are incurred. As a rule, a cost estimate will be prepared free of charge and contains a fixed and binding schedule of all expected costs.

Dentistry from a single source

Our team will be with you every step of the way, even for complex treatments and dental restorations. You can have complete trust in their expertise.

High-tech and up-to-date materials

Digital X-rays, 3D jaw imaging and computer-controlled and manufactured dental prostheses made of modern biocompatible ceramics.

Long-term dental hygiene

All of our treatments are designed for longevity and long-term dental health.

Safety through experience

Our team’s extensive experience offers you a high level of treatment safety, especially in complex renovations and reconstructions.

Aftercare and guarantee

We offer an aftercare programme in which you can participate to ensure long-term treatment success. This includes our long-term dental prosthesis guarantee.

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