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Orthodontics is the field of dental medicine that focuses on treating the misalignment of the jawbones and teeth. This is important in preventing later damage which can be caused by wrongly distributed stress on the teeth. 

It is an important aspect of paediatric dentistry. Bones and teeth are still very pliable at a young age and their development can still be particularly well influenced. Good results can also be achieved with young adults.

Straight teeth are stronger

At first glance it would seem that beauty and aesthetics are the main aim here. More important however, is the fact that straight teeth and jawbones are significantly stronger. Teeth, which are in the wrong position, twisted or crooked, are not so well equipped to withstand the considerable stress, with which they are confronted their whole life through. Correctly positioned, straight teeth are better able to transfer chewing pressure onto the jawbone and remain intact for longer. Early intervention means that we can effectively prevent future dental problems. The risk of caries and gum disease can also be reduced by having a harmoniously formed dental arch. Too narrowly spaced and crooked teeth with interdental spaces are very difficult to clean properly.

Dental braces for children

As part of the overall dental health concept, we put particular emphasis on recognising the causes of tooth and jaw disease, their misalignment and their treatment. Possible causes of such misalignments are: Respiratory allergies, which, amongst other things, can hinder nasal respiration, causing excessive breathing through the mouth, tenseness and cramps in the jaw, throat and neck muscles, faulty spinal posture and premature loss of milk teeth due to caries.


By being able to recognise and treat these causes means that we can often prevent unnecessary treatments with fixed orthodontic appliances. Should a treatment be necessary however, we have modern appliances such as Crozat, Bionator and other removable appliances at our disposal. In this way we are able to aid our smaller patients in growing up with an aesthetic, symmetrical face, as well as straight, even teeth.

Dental correction

Dental correction for adults

Unfortunately not all children have had the possibility of undergoing such treatments in earlier years and so it often happens that adults come to us seeking late orthodontic treatment. This is possible, because treatment can also be carried out for adults. Gaps, crowding and crooked teeth can be treated very successfully. Only strongly pronounced facial asymmetries, present after the end of the teenage years when the skeleton has completed its growth, cannot be corrected using an orthodontic brace. 

Treatment of adults usually takes 12 to 18 months and often only 6 to 9 months in simpler cases. Checking and correction of the appliances takes place every 5 to 6 weeks. In the majority of cases, we use invisible appliances which should be worn 16-18 hours per day. After a short period of getting used to the appliance, the person will be able to speak without any problem. In this way, professionally active patients can wear the orthodontic appliance at work for the required daily time span, leading to swift attainment of the desired result of regular, beautiful, straight teeth.

Equipment used

Zahnspange Basel

Very effective for shaping and harmonizing the dental arches, also invisible on the outside.

Kieferorthopäde Deutschland

Slighter misalignments are treated with our removable, coloured plate adjustments.

Zahnkorrekturen Deutschland

Removable basic device particular for correction of jaw malpositions 

Unsichtbare Kieferortopädie
Aligner therapy (e.g. Invisalign)

With invisible aligner splints, teeth are turned, tilted and pushed in the right direction in just a few months. Small tooth-coloured mini attachments are used here, which enable optimal tooth movement. Among other things, we use the Invisalign system.



Treatment of an almost invisible way to address the teeth. With 3-D-based computer imaging technology, a complete treatment plan is first created to capture the original position of the teeth and the desired end position.


Based on this, a series of transparent aligners are made individually for your teeth, with the help of which the teeth are brought into the final position by precisely controlled movements.


The aligners are changed approximately every two weeks according to the treatment plan. This enables efficient power transmission.


Detailed initial examination

This gives an exact diagnosis and a description of possible dental diseases in terms you can understand.

Comprehensive consultation

Necessary treatments and their alternatives will be discussed, taking as much time as needed.

Financial certainty

You are always informed before costs are incurred. As a rule, a cost estimate will be prepared free of charge and contains a fixed and binding schedule of all expected costs.

Dentistry from a single source

Our team will be with you every step of the way, even for complex treatments and dental restorations. You can have complete trust in their expertise.

High-tech and up-to-date materials

Digital X-rays, 3D jaw imaging and computer-controlled and manufactured dental prostheses made of modern biocompatible ceramics.

Long-term dental hygiene

All of our treatments are designed for longevity and long-term dental health.

Safety through experience

Our team’s extensive experience offers you a high level of treatment safety, especially in complex renovations and reconstructions.

Aftercare and guarantee

We offer an aftercare programme in which you can participate to ensure long-term treatment success. This includes our long-term dental prosthesis guarantee.

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