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CLINIUS+ emerged in the second generation from the partner dental practices of Dr. Hager, which have now successfully existed for over 30 years. Continuous development and a professional and at the same time human cooperation on a high professional level ensure the quality at CLINIUS and in the existing Dr. Hager partner practices in Constance and Bietingen.


Not only for dentists, but in all fields of activity we offer a pleasant working environment and versatile career opportunities. Whether you work as an assistant (ZFA, ZMF, ZMP), in dental technology (ZT, ZTM) or in dental hygiene (DH) - here you can fully develop and successfully grow in your field of knowledge.

Your start will be facilitated by intensive support and induction as well as by our structured training concept. This will help you to progress quickly and connect directly to the work processes in the team from the very beginning.


By uniting all areas - from dental technology and dental hygiene to highly specialized areas of dentistry - close and direct cooperation between all disciplines takes place on a daily basis.


A modern workplace, innovations and the latest technology as well as a young dynamic team ensure an exciting and progressive working day here.


YOU FIT INTO OUR TEAM IF... love your job, want to learn a lot, are keen to work in a family team and want to work in a modern clinic!






Arbeiten bei Clinius


Fixed treatment concept

All treatment providers working in the clinic work according to the same concept. This means that everything in the team goes hand in hand, and familiarization is all the easier.

Very nice, familiar team

Teamwork is very important to us - all the nicer that we have a very familiar team with whom it is fun to work every day.

Further training opportunities

Within the structured training concept, we pay attention to your personal and professional development. Regular workshops and advanced training complement theory and practice. Excellent skills and opportunities for advancement to senior management are our common goal.

Modern, separate employee area

Since 2021, we have had our own CLINIUS employee area. This contains, among other things, a fitness room for the team, a canteen for healthy food and a modern e-learning library.

State of the art techniques

A clinic equipped according to the latest dental standards, completely digitalized and online.

In-house canteen

The expansion of the employee area was accompanied by the construction of a canteen. This ensures that our employees are always provided with healthy, balanced meals.

New Work: flexible working hours

In our app-supported 3-shift system, we enable everyone to work their optimal working hours. Desired shifts are booked and swapped via app Ideal for combining a demanding job with a happy private life.

Fitness area

The new CLINIUS employee area includes an in-house, well-equipped fitness room for regular exercise. 

* Weekly working hours as desired from 20-50 hrs. or e.g. work 3-4 weekdays, only mornings, only evenings, Wednesdays off, etc. - we offer high flexibility in consultation.

E-Learning Library

To stay up to date, our new employee area includes a modern e-learning library.



At Clinius, internal training opportunities take place at regular intervals. This offers all employees the opportunity to develop professionally and as a team. Various speakers provide training in all areas of dentistry.

The training is offered in all areas of dentistry as well as in the general day-to-day work of the clinic.



Since 2021, the expansion of our new CLINIUS employee:indoor area has been completed. This contains, among other things, a small fitness room for the team, a canteen for healthy food and a modern e-learning library. In addition, modern offices, a comfortable lounge and rest area, and nice and spacious locker rooms are part of the area.


We are very happy about the new area for our employees!



Visit us and our employees on TikTok and get a slightly different impression of our working life ;)

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We are looking forward to your application

Apply online:

Or by e-mail with a short cover letter and resume as PDF.

Please submit your references if you are shortlisted.


To Ms D. Flaig:

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