Information on Covid-19

Covid-19 Dentist
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The regional relaxation of the current COVID-19 has led to the widespread lifting of most restrictions.

The most important info in the summary (last updated 18.06.2021)

  • Border crossing - entry and exit - is unrestricted.

  • You do not need a negative Corona test to enter Germany.

  • The quarantine obligation for entry has been lifted since May 12.

  • We carry out all treatments and are available for you without restrictions within the regular opening hours.

  • Our clinical rooms and laboratories are equipped with a special "room air conditioning system". The room air is completely replaced by fresh outside air 8 times/hour - currently one of the most effective and modern ways to efficiently counteract corona aerosol formation. 

  • The entire clinical team uses efficient FFP-2 respirators and hygiene guidelines are consistently adhered to. 

  • If patients have a COVID-19 infection, they will still be treated in special centers - we will be happy to advise you on this by telephone.


In addition, we have compiled the most important questions and answers below (FAQ).


What is the hygiene situation at CLINIUS?

Of course we continue to take the situation very seriously and treat the hygiene of our practice even more carefully than before. We also have special protective equipment in order to be able to treat our patients with medically justifiable risk in suspected cases of COVID-19. Our employees are trained on the extended measures and implement them with the utmost precision and attention.

How can I travel from Switzerland?

  • by train (SBB) to Rheinfelden Switzerland, then on foot over the old Rhine bridge (approx. 10-15 minutes walk).

  • by car, park in Rheinfelden Switzerland in the "Rheinparking" and then walk for about 10 minutes over the old Rhine bridge (border crossing) to the practice.

  • by car over the new Rhine bridge, exit "Rheinfelden" from the motorway. Destination Praxis in Hebelstraße 19A, Rheinfelden (Baden)

  • by train (DB) to Rheinfelden Germany from the train station in Baden within 5 minutes on foot to the practice.


How can I travel from France?

  • by car via the border crossing "Palmrain" bridge and then via the A5 and A98 to the practice, Hebelstraße 19A, Rheinfelden (Baden). 

Can I go for dental treatment if I am a COVID-19 risk patient?

For the protection of patients from risk groups who have to undergo dental treatment, we have separate rooms disinfected with advanced measures and special protective equipment. In addition, the organisational processes were adjusted to prevent risks.

May I go to CLINIUS if I am ill with COVID-19?

If you are currently ill with Covid-19 and have a dental emergency, please contact us.
We will then help you further. 



May I enter Germany for shopping?

Currently it is possible to enter Germany for shopping, if the stay does not exceed 24 hours.


We wish you good health and greet you kindly,