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Ansgar von Schwertführer

Ansgar von Schwertführer had his first encounters with dentistry during his childhood. His father, an experienced dentist himself, sparked his interest in this fascinating field of medicine early on. However, it was the sincere gratitude of patients after a successful treatment that particularly motivated him during his studies at the Medical University of Varna. In dealing with our patients, he is committed to creating as comfortable an atmosphere as possible with great empathy and dedication for the person in front of him. He expanded his dental expertise through multiple continuing education courses and observations in various practices to meet his goal of making patients satisfied and happy after a treatment, day after day.


In his interactions with patients, Mr. von Schwertführer places a high value on friendly and respectful treatment. With clear explanations, demonstrations, and the best possible treatment plans, he aims to provide a stress-free and anxiety-free treatment with the best outcome, as the well-being of the person before him is his highest priority.


  • Studies in Dentistry at the Medical University of Varna

  • Various observations and continuing education courses


Seeing the whole human being.

"It is important to see the person as a whole for a treatment to be successful. Teeth are connected to the whole organism via the bloodstream and thus have a strong influence on the patient’s well-being and general health"
– Dr. M. Marques Hager

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