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Zahntechnikerin at Work


Are you looking for a friendly, efficient team in which you would like to contribute? We look forward to welcoming you as a trainee in our dental technology department!

Vocational training as a dental technician is a very interesting and multi-layered profession. From the start of your training, you will be employed directly in the dental laboratory. There you will make and repair dental technical products. At Clinius, dental technicians not only work in the laboratory, but are also in constant contact with dentists and patients. This makes their day-to-day work particularly varied. They are supported by modern web-based computer systems.

In the new training regulations, which will come into force on 1st August 2022, new technologies and processes will be integrated into the training concept in order to make vocational training timely and future-oriented.

Parallel to our training, you will attend vocational school. The training usually lasts 3.5 years. Afterwards, you will be a dental technician, a recognized training occupation according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

Zahntechnikerin bei der Arbeit

Helping patients with modern technology and maximum precision.

Dental technician at CLINIUS

We are looking forward to your application

You can also apply by e-mail with a short cover letter and your CV as a single PDF incl. photo. You can submit your diplomas and/or references if shortlisted.


To D. Flaig:

Me at CLINIUS...

Modern workplace

A very modern clinic equipped according to the latest dental standards, completely digitalized and online.

Varied assignment

In the assistant's field of activity, you will be deployed in a versatile manner in almost all specialist areas of modern dentistry.

Development opportunities

Within the structured training concept, we pay attention to your personal and professional development. Regular workshops and advanced training complement theory and practice. Excellent skills and opportunities for advancement to senior management are your and our common goal.

Flexible working hours*

With our new app-supported 3-shift system, we enable everyone to work the hours that are best for them. Desired shifts are booked and swapped via app, for an ideal balance between a demanding job and a happy private life.

Advanced web apps

Working with modern and convenient web-based apps makes it easier, for example, to concentrate on the essentials when scheduling appointments, and to deal with our patients in a friendly and stress-free manner.

Further education & studies

We promote further education for our employees, especially in the case of follow-up studies, for example, by offering specially tailored part-time work models.


If you would like to specialize in an area after the basic education of 3 years, we will sponsor this education at our costs.

* Weekly working hours as desired from 20-50 hrs. or e.g. work 3-4 weekdays, only mornings, only evenings, Wednesdays off, etc. - we offer high flexibility in consultation.


Apply online:

We are looking forward to your application

Apply online:

You can also apply by e-mail with a short cover letter and your CV as a single PDF incl. photo. You can submit your diplomas and/or references if shortlisted.


To D. Flaig:

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